RC Connect on set – RCstreaming

With this system you can have several simultaneous display screens for the different departments using a Wi-Fi signal, with display on tables or smartphones and within a radius of 90 or 300 meters.

Off set

We offer several options with different levels of signal quality and security and we send it to any point in the world in real time via the internet.


Airstream is a working system Off Set in which we integrate in a single application communications, camera signal and various essential tools to be able to work remotely.

Thanks to the design of our ENTERPRISE station and its options, all necessary processes to work remotely can be controlled by a technician who facilitates each step.

rcstreaming sistema airstream


ZINESTREAM is a Streaming filming system in which we combine all the necessary services for effective remote shoot.

Everything runs from a controlled application from our DISCOVERY ONE station.

The workflow and tools have been specifically designed by our team to cover your Off Set shoot requirements.

Amongst other things it offers the possibility of 4 simultanous cameras, high quality transmission signal, connection via 4G and fibre and customized private virtual meeting rooms. As it uses own servers the security is an important plus of this system.

Also included the Bonding tool – streaming by using multiple network connections.

Our Streaming technicians cover all your possible shoot requirements.

rcstreaming sistema zinestre

rcstreaming comparison

Trabajar en remoto con el soporte de nuestros técnicos

Nuestros técnicos de transmisión cubren todos los requisitos necesarios durante el rodaje y para trabajar en remoto de forma cómoda y segura.

Para cualquier duda tengas sobre los sistemas de trabajo remoto de RCstreaming no dudes en ponerte en contacto con nosotros.


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