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La casa de papel

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Todos los Nombres de Dios


A Town Called Malice


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By h. Lopez, Apr 24, 2024
Producer Money Heist


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Set Leitz Summilux-C T1.4

The set is made up of 18,29,35,50,75 and 100 mm focal lengths Leitz Summilux-C lenses are designed to provide maximum performance at a total aperture of T-1.4 unlike traditional lenses.

Set Hawk VLite Anamorphic T2.2

The set consists of six focal lengths 28 mm, 35mm, 45mm, 55mm, 80mm, 110mm The Hawk V-Lite lenses are the brand’s “crown jewel”, combining the best of the Hawk V-series with a compact and small size, becoming the smallest high-end anamorphic lenses on the market today. day.


Alexa 35 is the latest addition to the Arri family of digital cameras, with a completely new 4.6K sensor and super 35 format, allowing the use of all types of lenses. Old, modern, anamorphic and large format. Increased dynamic range up to 17 stops. 120 FPS in 4K. Improved noise in the image and increased sensitivity up to 6400 ISO.

SET Leitz HUGO T1.5

First HUGO LEITZ SET in Spain at RCservice. The initial kit consists of 7 Full Frame lenses ranging from 21 mm to 90 mm, all of them with T1.5. The 18 mm and 135 mm focal lengths will be available soon. Also available is the 50mm with T1.0. Leitz HUGO lenses use the same glass as Leica lenses. Colours, artistic flare and a rounded image field create high-quality images with uncompromising durability and flexibility.

RED V-Raptor [X]

RED’s new workhorse, which offers us in a camera with extremely small dimensions and less than two kilograms in weight, a beastly VV 8k sensor capable of recording at 120 fps at maximum resolution and with a dynamic range of 16.5 stops. In the same vein as its little sister the Komodo, the Raptor is configurable and 100% compatible with the RED CONTROL app and capable of streaming in real time in 8k at 60fps, making it a perfect machine for multi-camera recordings or live events.

Arri Hi-5 -Focus control

The Arri Hi-5 Wireless Focus Controller includes controller, Bluetooth dongle, smart focus ring, RF-EMIP 2400 MHz DSSS radio module, two LBP-3500 battery packs, LBP battery charger, strap for your hand and neck, and a screen protector.

The RCservice Team

RCservice was born in 2008 in Spain along with the first digital cinema cameras. Professionals in the film industry, we decided to open a company that was at the forefront of the international audiovisual sector. Creating a complete network of state-of-the-art digital services and equipment to cover the needs of feature films, advertising spots, documentaries and other production services in Spain.

Thus, they count on us for national and international projects, series like “Berlín”, “Money Heist”, “Sky Rojo”, “El Ministerio del Tiempo”, “El Embarcadero”,… films like “La Novia”, “ El Faro de las Orcas”, “Remember Me”, “La Llamada” and other projects such as documentaries, etc.

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